TLT @ Penn State


When we asked if Pinterest was a good tool for discovery, he said “there’s a gazillion things, and Pinterest is a phenomenon that’s extraordinary.”
Pinterest is a way to discover things efficiently. You can find videos you would like to watch or jewelry you would like to buy more easily on the site. You can already pin a YouTube video and load it directly from the site. It shows up on “pinboards” - boards of links and videos associated with a specific topic, like fitness.


I’m not advocating that Pinterest be the center of some sort of new systematic academic design efforts, but it is hard to deny that it has captured the imagination of a large portion of Internet users. I would like to have the chance to explore the affordances of the space to better understand how it could be used in different types of contexts.  Clearly it is a powerful and very personal curation tool, but how could it be used to enhance other parts of academic life?

Why Does Google Think Pinterest Is an “Extraordinary” Problem Solver?