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Although I’m only 48, I have been working in educational computing for thirty years. When I started, we taught children to program. We also taught tens of thousands of teachers to teach computer science to learners of all ages. In many cases, this experience represented the most complex thinking about thinking that teachers ever experienced and their students gained benefit from observing teachers learning to think symbolically, solve problems and debug. There was once a time in the not so distant path when educators were on the frontiers of scientific reasoning and technological progress. Curriculum was transformed by computing. School computers were used less often to “do school” and more often to do the impossible.


A really excellent read.  Right in the middle of a lot of the conversations I am trying to have right now about how we treat our audiences. I would really like to know what those of you in the academy thinks of this crazy idea — let it go.

It might just be time to stop spoon feeding faculty and students dumbed down technology solutions. Why not give each and every faculty member a toolkit, access to good training materials, and staff willing to help them dream? Why spend six figures each year to license one trick pony software to do something that just about anyone could do with $150.00 iPod Touch?

So that’s the question I have … have we tried to hard? Over engineered the whole thing and taken away our audiences’ will to think creatively with the use of technology?  I’m starting to feel that way, but would really like to know what others think.

Dumbing Down : Stager-to-Go